Monday, 10 January 2011

It's Ok Ryan, we've all been there....

Ryan Babel has made some headlines over the past few days after his Twittering antics. His depiction of Howard Webb in a Man United shirt has no doubt raised several chuckles around the country - probably also in the FA offices, as much as they will refuse to admit it! Once the laughter died down, and brows were wiped, they probably realised something should be done, to at least look like they are doing something productive!

Seemingly every week we have a contentious decision being debated by fans up and down the country, and this week is no different. However, I think Liverpool fans need to calm down and realise that Kenny isn't going to be parting the waves and brainwashing referees into giving them decisions any time soon. The penalty was a 50/50 call, and personally when I saw the challenge I thought a penalty would be given. Very few of us could have been 100% sure that contact was made, but the referee has to make a call one way or the other.

As for the sending off, well Gerrard's tackle was reckless, and if you leave the ground in the modern game, no matter of your intentions, you're asking for trouble. A yellow card would have been an extremely fortunate outcome, and instead of moaning about Howard Webb perhaps we should be questioning the Liverpool captain's judgement. He is banned for three games, when the club and manager need him most. Frustration got the better of him, but he should have known better.

Still, it gave us all a chance to laugh at Ryan Babel again... as if his erratic performances weren't enough. Surely the number one rule of Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social networking site happens to be the flavour of the month, is do whatever it takes to keep parents/bosses/governing bodies from seeing what you post. I think Ryan Babel should also have known better! But maybe a small fine is the price you pay for becoming a legend overnight...

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