Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shearer Destined To Fade Into Obscurity?

It has been two years since Alan Shearer's brief and unsuccessful sojourn as Newcastle United manager. His lack of managerial activity since then would make Mark Hughes' blood boil. Content to sit on Match of the Day's sofa, in what is admittedly a very attractive and stress-free job, it seems as though Shearer's urge to manage has waned somewhat in recent times.

His recent flirtation with Cardiff City was nothing more than that - a flirtation. In the evening we had news of his talks, but by the morning he had ruled himself out. We may never know which side pulled out of discussions first - it could indeed have been the Cardiff board who decided they needed more of an experienced man to steer their promotion ship into promised waters- but the feeling remains that Shearer was never a serious candidate.

Since his Tyneside spell, he has been linked with Blackburn. Sheffield Wednesday. And Cardiff. For the amount of time he has been out of the game, that isn't exactly the picture painted of a man desperate to get into management. Having said that, it is quite possible that his couple of months working under Mike Ashley, and the treatment he undoubtedly suffered, have left him with a needlessly cautious mentality when it comes to his prospective chairmen. One would imagine him interviewing them, rather than the other way around.

In order to really earn a bit of respect, Shearer should start as low down as League 2. Let us not forget that he only has eight games of managerial experience. And while he can hardly be blamed for Newcastle's relegation, the fact remains that he only won one of those eight games. Can it therefore really be that much of a surprise that clubs aren't beating down his door to sign what would undoubtedly still be a huge personality. However, should he apply for a job further down the pyramid, at a club such as Barnet (no offence to any fans) he could do what Paul Ince did and cobble together some sort of CV. I get the impression however that Shearer is happy to sit back on the sofa and hope that one of the growing number of mad-cap Premier League owners is happy to risk their club's future on a still relatively untried manager.

As for Cardiff City, their own managerial search is fast taking a rather desperate turn of its own. Gone are the days when a club could go about their appointments without mass press intrusion. Malkay Mckay has already been denied the chance to speak to Cardiff, and no doubt we will hear of countless more candidates before the job is filled. The joys of an international-free summer.

Also, to carry on the tenuous Newcastle link of this blog, I am now hearing that Kevin Nolan's exit is closer to fruition. West Ham have made a bid for his services that has been accepted. As a Newcastle fan, this move fills me with dread. Our two top scorers from the previous season are now gone. New strikers are yet to be purchased. Come on Mike Ashley, show us you mean business! And not the money-saving sort of business....

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