Monday, 6 August 2012

Play ALL the sports...

It's been a heady week for British sport to say the least. Early August is normally reserved for the transfer rumour silly season, as sports dailys search in vain for stories in a barren wasteland. Now the only pressing issue is which medal winner to plaster over front and back pages.

One story that probably transcended the Olympics was Andy Murray's gold medal victory over Roger Federer. Undoubtedly, he has arrived at the top table. Yesterday he even brought his own cutlery - tearing the Swiss maestro to shreds. There have been suggestions that Federer was maybe not giving his all, and that the Olympics didn't matter as much to him as a Grand Slam. On the contary. He has been giving interviews for years now saying how much he would love to win a gold medal at Wimbledon. His record-breaking victory over Del Potro in the semis displayed dedication and desire. Perhaps he had simply run out of gas.

As for Murray, to win five unreturned sets against the top 2 players in the world, playing the relentless attacking tennis many have longed for him to show in the big matches, really underlines his Grand Slam and world number one potential. It's possible that best-of-five victory will lift the mental barrier of his.

Mixed doubles gold eluded the Murray/Robson duo however, although Robson in particular can be proud of her efforts. She went toe to toe with the best singles player in the women's game, and the best men's doubles player. Occasionally her serve let her down in an understandable fit of nerves - Murray will know all about that, having fallen short in sight of glory so many times before. Overall though, she can expect a swift rise in the rankings very soon. Whisper it quietly, but we may have a top ten player on our hands within the next few years.

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