Thursday, 11 October 2012

Take that, Blogosphere!

The big talking point in English football this week was the new St George's Park centre. This centre of excellence is the brain-child of Trevor Brooking and aims to bring the glory days back to English international football. It is certainly a step in the right direction. However, a glossy new building will do nothing to help reverse a hoof and hope footballing culture unless the coaching staff can really drill the key technical and mental skills neccessary to mould a team that fans are willing to get behind.

When Arsene Wenger eventually retires/resigns from Arsenal the FA should do all they can either to appoint him to the top job, or at least a backroom advisory role. His footballing philosophy is one that can and should be taken on board. His lack of success at club level in recent years is not important - the transfer market is not his strong point. However, the amount of lesser-known players he has welded together into fluid teams is astounding. When you marry that with traditional English brawn, success can be expected.

Ryan Bertrand has kept Twitter firmly in the spotlight, claiming the injury that kept him out of England's titanic clash with San Marino was something rather more than a sore throat - how long before the BBC football page has a dedicated Tweet Beat news-section. If they steal that name for their advantage I will not be amused.

One thing that Bertrand's rant proves is that clubs should always have cover for each position. If one Chelsea left-back cannot provide hilarity for us all, then another should be able to step in at a moment's notice. In emergencys I suppose on-loan Patrick van Aanholt can step in - I checked his Twitter, he needs to step up the controversy factor. This was the highlight -

"Morning yall... can't wait to see my car when it's finished"

Tame tame stuff.

In other slow news - Lewis Hamilton's wondering out loud whether or not to use Twitter has seemingly found its way onto the BBC Sport front page (sorry BBC, you're really getting it in the neck today). I'm telling you.. the dedicated Tweet Beat (TRADEMARK) is only days away....

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