Thursday, 15 November 2012

That.... was a goal.

Alan Partridge referencing aside, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the toast of Sweden's new 50,000 capacity Friends Arena. It was a fitting goal to mark a new era in Swedish football, from the man who must surely go down as the greatest ever Swede to play the game at international level.

Although I didn't see it live (I was watching Northern Ireland batter Azerbaijan 1-1) the technique must be applauded nonetheless. It may also be the fact that I didn't see it live that leads me to struggle to proclaim it the Greatest Of All Time, as many pundits are rushing to do.

Maybe it's the fact that he's a lanky lad, at 6ft 5in. Someone that tall should simply not be able to do what he did. It is perhaps the most technically challenging goal to have been scored, but in terms of being 'easy on the eye' I make it my mission to find a selection of goals that I rate more highly.

Somehow I suspect if Faroe Islands were the opposition the British media networks would not be quite so forthcoming in their praise. With Joe Hart making an undistinguished appearance last night, it somehow seems easier to focus attention to the four-goal Swede maestro, as the Man City keeper is the darling of the press.

NOTE - I am not suggesting at all that Ibrahimovic's goal was not outstanding, and it's probably the best you will see this year, but of all time? We'll see about that...

Complete with that signature elongated Latino roar, this goal by Matias Fernandez, created entirely with his right foot, is just mesmerising.

Just to underline the fact that that I am not an Ibrahimo-hater, here is a superior goal from his history, while playing for Ajax against NAC Breda. He displays the close control, technique, and elusiveness that big guys like him would normally dream of.

This sizzler from Oktay Derelioglu was sadly for him a consolation goal in Turkey's 3-1 home defeat to Belgium back in 1997. They say it's a team game, but he will be forgiven for having gone to sleep happy that night!

If anyone can tell me that this goal is better than all the previous three, then so help me God I will...... respect their opinion. Great goal sure, but give me a mazy solo run any day of the week.

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